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I'm Jacinda Starr Huff I'm very happy most of the time. Music is my religion. I laugh a lot especially at stupid stuff. My friends and family kick ass.Anything else you wanna know just ask. xoxo CS

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tis the season

well its october and its great the smell of pumpkin spice, the nippy weather and the sweet sweet sound of screaming girls at fear farm. i'm on fall break so my mommy and i are watching horror movies so far we've watched the people under the stairs, dead snow, the devils rejects and right now we're watching fido (which is not scary at all). School has sorta sucked but it'll get better. Kaylan and i have sorta started a band together but nothing is recorded :(. i've been putting up more pictures on my wall (i hate plain walls) and now im rambling, great. also i've been writing alot more lyrics but the sad thing is the all feel the same to me love song this, i miss you that kinda boring if you ask me. although i'm supposed to be going to the mall tomorrow with Sabs and tila then at some point during the week Aitana, Mommy and i are gonna be going to great skate THEN on friday (gotta verify with Mommy) i'll be staying the night at Sabs house well i gotta go peace

Monday, September 27, 2010

I gotta say it was a good day :)

This morning was slow but as i slipped on my mismatched colorful socks i knew nothing was gonna bring me down. I just remember that my friends love me as i love them back, i go to an awesome school, my grades aren't perfect but they're not shitty at all and i have nothing to worry about. Oh yeah the Coffin Draggers beat the School Yard Scrappers (go Draggers) and I'm officially my mommy's derby roadie i changed her wheels and everything (actually thats about it). Also I had starbucks today after I got picked up from school so woohoo!!!!! Well not much to say anymore just checking in I'll be at first friday so stop by send your love and enjoy the artistic atmosphere peace yall

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

too much too much

i severed ties with Jordan. Gave up on Dylan (way out of my league) but still his friend. Then proceeded to enjoy the rest of my peace day. Then going up north on thursday staying there til friday i think and hopefully i'll be back early sunday cuz i wanna go to the park and swingggggg! well since i have nothing to say anymore and aitana is hitting me up imma go

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My belly hurts right now :(

i'm hungry, tired and talking to Tina on facebook. Dont really have much to say but i'm just checking in so i dont abandon my blog. stayed the night at aitana's last night. School was canceled so we went to the mall and ran around. Kaylan, Anna, Sabrina, Aitana (of course) and Aitana's friend Brittney were all there and everything was really fun and we were acting goofy and having random conversations about weird things until Kaylan had to go home (cuz he's a boy). so after he left everyone else watched Zombieland (I <33 Zombies). Then we went swimming and by we i mean me and Sabrina everyone else chickened out but it got super freezing so i didnt stay in too long. Then we just chilled out in aitana's room eventually we fell asleep. Anna got picked up at 4 in the morning cuz she had an athsema attack but she's alright dont worry. Now i'm just rambling so later.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stressful much??

Usually I am a very peaceful, happy and positive person but lately i've been on the edge since grades, freakking boyfriend and all kinds of poop!! Progress reports come out tomorrow and these are my grades so far:
Humanities: D-
Algebra: B-
Physical Express: C+
Earth and Space Science: C+
Spanish: C-
So i'm staying after school EVERY DAY until ALL of my grades go up if not then i'm screwed. I promised all four of my parents perfect grades and I'm gonna keep that promise. This is still just a progress report and I have time to bring my grades up but I'm not gonna waste any of that time. I just hope my parents don't skin me alive... nevermind they will. Well I'm gonna go break the news to my stepmom so i can prepare her for disappointment peace!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I miss him

I need to see Jordan or at least hear his voice! i miss him and i wish i can be in his arms or something. I'm scared that i might go back to my old ways or worse.. he might be cheating on me :( i love him a lot but since i moved its been tough. Also Kandace told me just now that he told her brother that we broke up and i'm like WHAT IS GOING ON???? Is there something he's not telling me?? Well he hasn't said anything to me since last time i talked to him which was the day of the house warming GRRRRAAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Oki this sucks because I'm trying so hard to make this work and we hardly talk or see each other. Whats the point in being with someone if you can't BE WITH THEM. oki off topic subject check out the awesome music video i posted below. In case you didn't know i LOVE music especially K-Pop music peace!!