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I'm Jacinda Starr Huff I'm very happy most of the time. Music is my religion. I laugh a lot especially at stupid stuff. My friends and family kick ass.Anything else you wanna know just ask. xoxo CS

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My belly hurts right now :(

i'm hungry, tired and talking to Tina on facebook. Dont really have much to say but i'm just checking in so i dont abandon my blog. stayed the night at aitana's last night. School was canceled so we went to the mall and ran around. Kaylan, Anna, Sabrina, Aitana (of course) and Aitana's friend Brittney were all there and everything was really fun and we were acting goofy and having random conversations about weird things until Kaylan had to go home (cuz he's a boy). so after he left everyone else watched Zombieland (I <33 Zombies). Then we went swimming and by we i mean me and Sabrina everyone else chickened out but it got super freezing so i didnt stay in too long. Then we just chilled out in aitana's room eventually we fell asleep. Anna got picked up at 4 in the morning cuz she had an athsema attack but she's alright dont worry. Now i'm just rambling so later.

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