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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stressful much??

Usually I am a very peaceful, happy and positive person but lately i've been on the edge since grades, freakking boyfriend and all kinds of poop!! Progress reports come out tomorrow and these are my grades so far:
Humanities: D-
Algebra: B-
Physical Express: C+
Earth and Space Science: C+
Spanish: C-
So i'm staying after school EVERY DAY until ALL of my grades go up if not then i'm screwed. I promised all four of my parents perfect grades and I'm gonna keep that promise. This is still just a progress report and I have time to bring my grades up but I'm not gonna waste any of that time. I just hope my parents don't skin me alive... nevermind they will. Well I'm gonna go break the news to my stepmom so i can prepare her for disappointment peace!

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