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I'm Jacinda Starr Huff I'm very happy most of the time. Music is my religion. I laugh a lot especially at stupid stuff. My friends and family kick ass.Anything else you wanna know just ask. xoxo CS

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland

I cannot wait til the weather gets colder! i love bundling up in warm snuggly blankets and cuddling up to someone because i'm "cold". I think it will get colder around september but i'm not completely sure. Anyways i just got done doing part of my homework for physical express (i had to write a summary of an essay) now all i have to worry about is my math homework and my D in humanities! Humanities is my strongest subject and i'm getting a D in it?? Actually it's because i don't turn in my journal so my grades are sorta slipping there imma fix em though. I think its strange though because usually math is my weakest subject but i'm getting an A. WOOHOO!!! I think i should check my grades weekly so I know what i need to fix. I've decided i'm not going to break up with Jorden, give Cody the one finger salute and say "this is my life and i'm not gonna let you ruin it" and MAKE SURE DYLAN DOESN'T KNOW I LIKE HIM!!! He wants to start a band with me and if he knows that i like him then it's gonna cause tension and awkwardness which will probably screw things up. Plus he's a good buddy that I don't wanna lose just like the other weirdo's i surround myself with well i'm gonna go clean my room so i can get on my moms good side before asking for anything. Peace
xoxo CS

Monday, August 30, 2010

Shiny Toy Guns - Rocketship 2010

All together now!!

Today was good which is pretty normal but interesting things happened. For instance during lunch the muffin seckz crew (the group  hangout with) were playing truth or dare during lunch and like three people got dared to bite my handcuffs which were hanging off the front of my pants. Then during physical express we just watched a video on obesity which was pretty good because Dylan and I just talked through the whole thing and didn't pay any attention but the more i talk to him the more stuff he has to say which is great because i hate having a one person conversation. Another thing I went the entire day listening to nothing but Shiny Toy Guns I'm so proud of myself. In celebration imma post a one of their music videos on my blog so later
xoxo CS

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I feel so much better

I'm home again and a huge weight is off my chest!! I cant wait to be back at school where everything actually makes sense (scratch that nothing ever makes sense when i'm with my crazy friends). Anywhooooo. now i'm starting to feel hyperish and craving tea but not just any tea oh no but sweet lemon peace tea.. YUM!!!! I'm also on facebook right now talking to Tanner (awesome dude) and Melissa (his awesome gf) and we're talking about my moms butt... Dont ask! I know i'm rambling now but i dont have much to say sooooooo byee
xoxo CS

Last nights madness

I really wish Jorden and Minx hadn't bailed last night i was torn up! First off I said hi to Cody and gave him a hug when no one was looking and he was all smiley. Then when I hugged him my heart started pounding and my hands were shaking then i realized I'm a horrible girlfriend. But when i tried to make peace with him he was a total douche bag. So now i feel so horrible and guilty because not only do i still have feelings for someone who lied, cheated and hurt me in every way but i also have a crush on someone who has a girlfriend doesnt know any of this. How am i supposed to to face him when i feel shitty and i think of other guys. i'm so disgusted with myself. the only solution i can think of is to stop being with Jorden before i seriously hurt him. I really dont want to break his heart but at least this will save him from getting even more hurt in the future. I have a lot of thinking to do. In other news i have more lyrics written to show Dylan (wootwoot) and I'm going home tonight FINALLY!!!! Peace
xoxo CS

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm extremely all over the place so i will make a list of reasons why
*my boyfriend bailed on coming over today
*my bestie bailed on coming over today
*my ex fwb is coming over and i'm under the impression that he hates me
*I talked to stevie today (ex bf) and we hardly said anything
so yeah you could see why i'm raaaaawr right now (and not the kind that dinosaurs say) later
xoxo CS

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy Bee (Yep that's me)

Today at school was pretty cool. I learned something pretty strange today about one of my fellow classmates. He happens to have the same last name as me.. Creepy right? It'd be strange if we're related especially since i sorta have a crush on him. In other news my daddy took me to Metrocenter mall. I dont really like going to the mall everyone is pretentious and everything is overpriced ( i prefer ross, thrift stores and target or make my own clothes). Although i went to my favorite store called Forever 21 their stuff is cheap and adorable so i got a blazer from there, i also got a new backpack because my hello kitty bag is torn up on the inside. Excited for saturday since i will see Lizzie (not so excited about seeing her stupid brother) and put my party pants on because my dad is throwing a house warming party that day woohoo!! so in the mean time i clean my room at my moms, then go to my dads, clean my room at my dads, do anything else to stop them from yelling at me, party on THEN sunday i go back to my mommy's and relax from the crazy weekend. Well imma hit the shower then go to sleep expect another post from me soon byee
xoxo CS

Hello people of the world

My name is Jacinda Starr Huff. Yes this is my first blog, i used to have a live journal but it pissed me off so i have this :). I have the raddest family, the freakiest friends and i go to the most amazing school. So I guess it is safe to say life rocks! I love all kinds of things and people i will even go up to a stranger and say that i love them cuz i know it will brighten up their day. Its also safe to say i am a complete and total HIPPIE. I'll talk about my day in another post this is more of me introducing myself so byee
xoxo CS