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Monday, September 6, 2010

I miss him

I need to see Jordan or at least hear his voice! i miss him and i wish i can be in his arms or something. I'm scared that i might go back to my old ways or worse.. he might be cheating on me :( i love him a lot but since i moved its been tough. Also Kandace told me just now that he told her brother that we broke up and i'm like WHAT IS GOING ON???? Is there something he's not telling me?? Well he hasn't said anything to me since last time i talked to him which was the day of the house warming GRRRRAAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Oki this sucks because I'm trying so hard to make this work and we hardly talk or see each other. Whats the point in being with someone if you can't BE WITH THEM. oki off topic subject check out the awesome music video i posted below. In case you didn't know i LOVE music especially K-Pop music peace!!

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