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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland

I cannot wait til the weather gets colder! i love bundling up in warm snuggly blankets and cuddling up to someone because i'm "cold". I think it will get colder around september but i'm not completely sure. Anyways i just got done doing part of my homework for physical express (i had to write a summary of an essay) now all i have to worry about is my math homework and my D in humanities! Humanities is my strongest subject and i'm getting a D in it?? Actually it's because i don't turn in my journal so my grades are sorta slipping there imma fix em though. I think its strange though because usually math is my weakest subject but i'm getting an A. WOOHOO!!! I think i should check my grades weekly so I know what i need to fix. I've decided i'm not going to break up with Jorden, give Cody the one finger salute and say "this is my life and i'm not gonna let you ruin it" and MAKE SURE DYLAN DOESN'T KNOW I LIKE HIM!!! He wants to start a band with me and if he knows that i like him then it's gonna cause tension and awkwardness which will probably screw things up. Plus he's a good buddy that I don't wanna lose just like the other weirdo's i surround myself with well i'm gonna go clean my room so i can get on my moms good side before asking for anything. Peace
xoxo CS

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  1. why do you continuously misspell my name its jordan thank you