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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy Bee (Yep that's me)

Today at school was pretty cool. I learned something pretty strange today about one of my fellow classmates. He happens to have the same last name as me.. Creepy right? It'd be strange if we're related especially since i sorta have a crush on him. In other news my daddy took me to Metrocenter mall. I dont really like going to the mall everyone is pretentious and everything is overpriced ( i prefer ross, thrift stores and target or make my own clothes). Although i went to my favorite store called Forever 21 their stuff is cheap and adorable so i got a blazer from there, i also got a new backpack because my hello kitty bag is torn up on the inside. Excited for saturday since i will see Lizzie (not so excited about seeing her stupid brother) and put my party pants on because my dad is throwing a house warming party that day woohoo!! so in the mean time i clean my room at my moms, then go to my dads, clean my room at my dads, do anything else to stop them from yelling at me, party on THEN sunday i go back to my mommy's and relax from the crazy weekend. Well imma hit the shower then go to sleep expect another post from me soon byee
xoxo CS

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